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Global Opportunities accepts applications for the GO! and Fritz Scholarships twice a year. Students planning to study abroad in winter and/or spring quarter should apply at the fall deadline (usually in early November). Students planning to study abroad during summer, early fall, and/or fall quarter should apply at the spring deadline (usually in mid-April).

See eligibility information for GO! and Fritz Scholarships

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring deadline (for students studying abroad in Summer, Early Fall or Fall 2015)

  • Friday, April 17, 2015
  • Application now closed

Fall deadline (for students studying abroad in Winter or Spring 2016)

  • Early November 2015
  • Application opens October 1

Application Process

Global Opportunities administers two scholarships which provide funding for study abroad: the GO! Scholarship and the Fritz Undergraduate Scholarship. Both scholarship applications require completion of the following steps:

  1. Provide basic personal information
  2. Answer basic questions about your program (location, program dates, and program type)
  3. Respond to short essay questions (see next section for details)
    • The Fritz Scholarship application requires one essay, with the response limited to 800 words.
    • The GO Scholarship application requires two essays, one with a response limited to 800 words, and a second optional response of no more than 300 words.

The GO! and Fritz Scholarship applications do not require letters of recommendation.

The GO! scholarship is funded by the Washington State Legislature. This scholarship helps students with significant financial need access international learning opportunities.

    The online application for the 2015 Spring GO! Scholarship will be available March 1:
    EXPO Online Application

The Fritz Undergraduate Scholarship is funded by the Chester Fritz Endowment. This scholarship provides competitive funding to students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

    The online application for the 2015 Spring Fritz Scholarship will be available March 1:
    EXPO Online Application

We do not accept paper applications.

Essay Questions

The best way to make your application for the GO! or Fritz Scholarship as competitive as possible is to give yourself time to get feedback on your essay and to complete multiple revisions. The Global Opportunities Advisers are available by appointment to answer questions and provide feedback. Campus writing centers, academic and OMAD advisers, professors and study abroad program directors are also great resources for providing feedback on your essay. Get as much feedback as possible from advisers, professors, fellow students and friends prior to submitting your essay.

Below are the essay questions for the GO! and Fritz Scholarship application. The main essay question is the same for both the GO! and Fritz, and it's okay to submit the same essay if you're applying for both scholarships. GO! Scholarship applicants have the opportunity to submit an additional 300-word essay outlining personal cricumstances. Although the additional essay is optional, we recommend that you use the space to provide more information.

GO! and Fritz Scholarship essay question:

The personal statement is your chance to personalize your application.  

Why have you chosen this particular study abroad program? Explain how the program will enhance your learning, and how it relates to your academic, career and personal goals. Discuss your personal motivation for pursuing study abroad, describe what you have done to prepare for the experience, and reflect on how it will impact your world view.

Your response should be 800 words or less.

GO! Scholarship applicants only:

Please use this space to describe any circumstances or issues which demonstrate special personal or financial need for a scholarship. Answering this question is not required, but we encourage applicants to provide a response with more information about themselves and/or their motivation for studying abroad.

Your response should be 300 words or less.

Selecting Scholarship Recipients

Global Opportunities has enough funds to provide scholarships for only a portion of the students who apply for the GO! and Fritz Scholarships, so both scholarships are competitive. Approximately 20% of GO! Scholarship applicants receive an award; between 10 and 15% of Fritz Scholarship applicants receive an award.

Selection committee

Each GO! and Fritz Scholarship application is reviewed separately by three members of our faculy and staff committee. Each committee member receives training from Global Opportunities, and all committee members use the same scoring rubric to evaluate applications.

The Global Opportunities Scholarship selection committee is made up of UW faculty, staff and graduate students from the Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses. All of the committee members are supportive of study abroad, but they may not be familiar with individual study abroad programs that applicants are pursuing. Committee members receive training via online videos and rubrics, and are supported during the review process by Global Opportunities Advisers. Separate groups of committee members review applications for the GO! and Fritz Scholarships.

Selection criteria

Global Opportunities asks committee members to evaluate applicants’ personal statements and transcripts, with particular focus on the essay. Committee members evaluate the strength of each application based on how the student articulates the academic and career relevance and personal relevance of the study abroad. GO! Scholarship applicants may also submit an additional 300-word essay outlining personal, financial and other circumstances which create hurdles to studying abroad.

Academic relevance

For this section, committee members are looking for students to articulate connections between the study abroad – including activities, assignments, experiential learning and location – and their academic and career goals. Applicants might make specific connections, mention coursework that inspired them to pursue the study abroad and discuss how the program will prepare them for or help them explore a career path. The transcript is also evaluated – does the coursework back up the student’s assertions about their academic path? Are their grades consistent, especially in courses related to the study abroad or mentioned in the essay?

Personal relevance

In this section, committee members look for students to articulate meaningfully why the study abroad – including the subject matter, activities, experiential learning, location or the opportunity itself – is meaningful to them. Applicants might discuss why the subject matter is so fascinating to them and how the program will help them dig deeper into the content, why the place is particularly exciting and how the program will help them learn more and/or specifically why the opportunity to study abroad is very meaningful. Taking special initiative to prepare for a particular study abroad program is also relevant to the personal relevance section – committee members will be on the lookout for students who have taken relevant coursework, engaged in relevant experiential learning and engaged in other activities that will help them jump in and get the most out of their study abroad experience.

Visit our Deadlines and Timelines page to learn more.