The Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity

Adam Mina

Research Scholar

Major(s): Microbiology
Project: Identification of SPARC Binding Site on DNA, at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute

adamminaSince June 2007 I have been working in the Human Urothelial Biology Laboratory at Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute. My project investigates SPARC protein expressed in urothelial cells. SPARC has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of urothelial cells in vitro. Through my research I hope to better understand how SPARC works, which could provide crucial information to improve current treatments for bladder cancer and various urological diseases.

Becoming a Mary Gates Scholar has been an inspiring experience. After meeting some of the other scholars I have realized that we are a group of students who are passionate about our work. Our projects pursue the answers to the critical questions surrounding our academic disciplines. I believe the Mary Gates Scholars are the leaders of our generation as we seek to advance our understanding of the world around us. Furthermore, I am honored to be supported by an organization that bears the name of a family who has shown significant leadership locally, nationally, and globally.

In my lab, classes, and campus events, I have met other Mary Gates Scholars that will be my lifelong friends and peers in the scientific community. Through my research experience I have learned not only scientific techniques, but have been able to contribute to the advancement of science and have enjoyed learning from other scholars. These experiences will be invaluable to my future as an aspiring medical scientist. My time as a Mary Gates Scholar in the HUB lab has defined much of my undergraduate curriculum and will surely remain a memorable experience as I continue in my pursuit of a career in science and medicine.