The Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity

Cale Schupman

Leadership Scholar

Project: Evolving Video Games as an Artistic Medium

caleschupmanCale Schupman is a senior in Digital Arts and Experimental Media. His focus academically has been on the practice and theory of creating art in new and experimental media. His goal is to bring social awareness, strong storytelling, and a new level of artistic merit to the young, emerging medium that is video gaming. Cale wants to create video games that provoke critical thinking, explore the human condition, and foster unique opportunities for learning. He is currently working on a video game project outside of school that will ideally achieve some
of these goals and generate enough funding
to create a stable studio.

Receiving the Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship has been an experience that has galvanized my spirit and given me another layer of confidence to achieve my goals. The financial support has been essential in keeping loans under control and hours at a part-time job to a minimum. Writing the application and interviewing was very important to my development as a leader; it forced me to articulate my goals to an audience unfamiliar with my field, which I had not been used to doing. The application process also forced me to take a hard look at where I was in my development as a leader, and asked me articulate a path for improvement, which has turned out to be useful guidance. Finally, the process of applying and the award of the scholarship helped me to build the confidence to define myself as a leader: as someone who inspires and guides.