The Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity

Farah Abdul

Leadership Scholar

Project: Bridging Communities through Health Education

farahabdulI am currently finishing my fourth year at the UW. I’m from the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington, but have been loving my time in Seattle! My interests are in public health and primary care medicine and I am majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with minors in Dance and International Studies. During this past year, I have been working to build a sustainable health education program at the Aloha Inn, a transitional home in Queen Anne, and the Women’s Referral Center in downtown Seattle. My project aims to bring a group of interdisciplinary students together to provide health workshops, exercise programs, additional health resources, and health fairs to these sites.

This scholarship has given me the opportunity to share my ideas with faculty, staff, and students in a way I might not have had otherwise. The amazing support I received from mentors before and during the application process has helped cultivate the confidence I needed to further pursue my project.  It has been so valuable to have a space that allowed me to voice what I’ve learned during my project. Through the process of applying, I was given the chance to outwardly articulate the hopes I had for my project, and the ways my project connected to larger goals in my life.