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Mary Gates Endowment for Students scholarships liberate students to take full advantage of all the University has to offer. Since its inception in 1995, over 2,300 UW undergraduates have been awarded scholarships from the Endowment. Through research, service and leadership experiences, undergraduates are learning and preparing for the future in new and exciting ways.

The Mary Gates Endowment is a wonderful example of how private support can transform the undergraduate experience, the University and our community. As the cost of an undergraduate education continues to rise, so do the number of students applying for Mary Gates Endowment scholarships. The Research awards are so competitive that the Endowment can fund less than half of its applicants–demonstrating the significant need for more scholarship support at the UW.

Make a Gift to the Mary Gates Endowment! 

If you are interested in helping us expand scholarship support for UW students, you can make a gift directly to the Mary Gates Endowment for Students. By making a donation, you are ensuring that more UW students will have the opportunity to engage in activities that enrich their academic experience.