Mary Gates Endowment For Students

The Community of Mary Gates Scholars

Interested in meeting other Mary Gates Scholars? Learning about other active and enthusiastic students’ projects? Exploring new ideas with your peers?


Join the Community of Mary Gates Scholars!

The Community of Mary Gates Scholars (COMGS) was founded in 2004 in an effort to raise the level of camaraderie, mentorship, networking, and collaboration among Mary Gates Scholars. In a community with such a large scholar base, the Community of Mary Gates Scholars feels it important to regroup and reconnect with Mary Gates Scholars across campus, as well as those who have gone on to contribute in bigger ways to the greater Seattle community and beyond.

Every year, the Community of Mary Gates Scholars hosts the following events, in addition to other special events:

  • Mary Gates Scholars Welcome Reception, welcoming new Mary Gates Scholars and celebrating Mary Gates Scholars’ achievements.
  • Mary Gates Scholars Spring Breakfast, giving Scholars the opportunity to meet others in the Community and learn more about other Scholars’ leadership, research, and venture projects.
  • Honors Scholar Orientation, sharing information about the Endowment and its purpose, and providing a venue for Honors Scholars to acquaint themselves with one another, the UW campus, and the Seattle area.

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