UW Pipeline Project

Who We Are:

The Pipeline Project is a K-12 outreach program that connects undergraduate students from the University of Washington with educational and service opportunities in local and regional schools and community organizations through tutoring and mentoring. The Pipeline Project is housed inĀ The Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity.

Our Mission:

Through the Pipeline Project, UW undergraduates provide K-12 students with tutoring, mentorship and support as a means of transforming the learning and inspiring the growth of both groups of students, while addressing inequities in public education in Washington State.

Our Vision:

  • We will offer K-12 outreach opportunities to every UW undergraduate who desires them.
  • We will ensure strong, vital, and reciprocal relationships with K-12 school and community partners.
  • UW undergraduates will gain leadership skills by mentoring K-12 students, collaborating with community partners, and supporting fellow tutors.
  • The values of diversity, inclusion and equity will be infusedĀ into every aspect of staffing, recruitment, outreach and programming at the Pipeline Project.
  • UW undergraduates will learn about the realities of education inequity within our state, and take action through K-12 mentorship and civic engagement.
  • We will help K-12 students to cultivate self esteem, excitement about learning, and take steps toward their person goals, while supporting schools and organizations in their aims to create equitable education.

Quotes from our Partners and Tutors: