UW Pipeline Project

Tutor Stories

Tutor at John Rogers Elementary

“One student was refusing to work on a math worksheet so she moved to a desk in the corner and ripped it into 300 pieces. I was able to talk her into counting all the pieces and doing math with the piles, which was rewarding to see her thinking and smiling by the end.”

Tutor at Refugee Women’s Alliance

“Being immersed in an environment created for refugee families has been eye opening in amazing ways.”

Tutor at Friends of the Children Seattle

“I worked with a second grade girl who had the reading ability of a kindergartner, and she read with me for 45 minutes straight. Her mentor said that never happens. ”

Tutor at Chief Sealth International High School

“I didn’t know what to expect prior to tutoring. The experience is better than I could have imagined and I definitely want to continue next quarter.”

Inner Pipeline Seminar Student

“Connecting with kids which is something I haven’t done/had an opportunity for since high school.”