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2017 Neah Bay Pipeline Project: “Telling Our Stories, Imagining Our Futures”

2017 Neah Bay: Telling Our Stories, Imagining Our Futures

DATES: March 19-24, 2017

Applications for next year coming soon!

Neah Bay

Lodging provided by UW and community partners.

All lodging, food and transportation costs will be covered for UW students.

Contact Meaghan Ferrick at mef07@uw.edu.

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Be part of an exciting long-term project working with Native youth in Neah Bay.




“Telling Our Stories, Imagining Our Futures”

This collaborative project is built on a longstanding partnership between UW’s Pipeline Project and Neah Bay Elementary School and has been developed to address a community-identified need. The result is an exciting new project that will focus on encouraging Neah Bay students to envision their futures. The goal will be to not only have Native students see themselves pursuing higher education, but learning, as early as fifth grade, of career paths that could ensure their being able to live and thrive in Neah Bay after graduation.

Using oral histories, digital storytelling, and photography, UW students will learn about the rich history and culture of the Makah people while mentoring 5th grade students in the creation of a digital storytelling that celebrates their Native culture and identifies pathways to meaningful careers in their own community.

This is a rewarding two-quarter commitment for winter and spring, including Spring Break!

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-4-23-26-pmCheck out an example of a project from a previous year: View the 2015-2016 Telling Our Stories Magazine.

Questions? Contact Meaghan Ferrick at mef07@uw.edu.


The Pipeline Project and the University of Washington extends special thanks to our generous sponsors, whose underwriting support makes our campaign launch experiences on Oct. 21 2016 and throughout the academic year possible.