UW Pipeline Project

Winter 2020 EDUC 401 Inner Pipeline Seminars

Participate in a weekly seminar and tutor weekly at a Seattle school or community organization. All of our courses are I & S credits, and are listed under EDUC 401. The number of credits depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Seminars are a fantastic opportunity to learn about issues in public education and tutoring strategies, while reflecting on what you learn from your tutoring site.

  • EDUC 401, specific sections and SLNs linked below.
  • CREDITS: 1-5. Seminars are Credit/No Credit.
  • All students will take a required Pipeline Orientation the first day of the seminar class. If you miss the first day of class, you must sign up for an alternative orientation and complete orientation by the end of the second week of the quarter.

The following seminars will be offered during Winter Quarter 2020:





For EDUC 401 seminars, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Credit and tutoring requirements are as follows:

  • 3 credits*: 2.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 20 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 4 credits: 5 hours tutoring/week (at least 40 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 5 credits: 7.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 60 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 6 credits**: 10 hours tutoring/week (at least 80 hours tutoring/quarter)

*A Student may opt to register for 1 or 2 credits if it means avoiding an additional registration fee.

** Students can only enroll for a max of 6 credits total per Quarter when tutoring for the Pipeline Project. Need more Credits still? Email pipeline@uw.edu and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Need to change the number of Credits for your Seminar? If by any means you are in need of a Variable Credit Change in your EDUC 401 Seminar you have to email Pipeline on your situation and must come into our offices at MGH 171 to waive Credit Change Fee before Friday of Week 7.

If you need to make up tutoring hours for a circumstance out of your control (school closure, holiday) you can complete an online assignment. Each assignment is worth two tutoring hours.