Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards

Fritz Scholarship

Funded by the Chester Fritz Endowment, the Fritz Scholarship provides study abroad funding for UW undergraduates in eligible social science and humanities majors.

UW 2016-17 Nominees:

Fall 2016

  • Cleone Abrams, History
  • Lyndsey Rae Brollini, Communication: Journalism
  • Veronica Cedillo Hernandez, Drama; English: Creative Writing
  • Justin Collins, International Studies
  • Francesca Suzanne Del Giudice, Communication
  • Topher Hendrickson, History: Asian History (Tacoma)
  • Hayley Mccord, Germanics; International Studies
  • Carolyn Monk, English
  • Isabella Grace Wallace Ollestad, International Studies; Economics
  • Meghan Weekley, International Studies: Latin America
  • Aidan Young, Political Science: Political Economy; International Studies

Winter 2017

  • Omar Abdulla, Pre-Social Sciences
  • Zula Baldandorj, Economics; Political Science
  • Laura Christman, History
  • Benton Coblentz, Economics
  • Brian Dang, English; Drama
  • Autumn G. Diaz, Psychology (Tacoma)
  • Rebecca Emma Duncan, Economics
  • Sarah Flint, International Studies
  • Mariela Galvan, American Ethnic Studies
  • Iliana Gutierrez, International Studies: Latin America
  • Ashley Lim, Economics
  • Kowsar Mohamud, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth
  • Eleanor Mount, Law, Societies, & Justice; Political Science
  • Alwyn Mouton, Comparative History of Ideas; Interdisciplinary Visual Arts
  • Vivian Oguejiofor, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth
  • Philip Palios, Culture, Literature, and the Arts (Bothell)
  • Ashley Richards, Sustainable Urban Development (Tacoma)
  • Madeline Seaman, English: Creative Writing; Political Science
  • Tess Seltzer, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth
  • Annelies Stoelinga, Linguistics
  • Ruby Virk, Law, Societies, & Justice; Philosophy
  • Olivia Wiebe, Law, Societies, & Justice