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YMA Fashion Scholarship

YMA Scholars - 2016- 2017 - Copy

The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund invests in the future of the fashion industry through awarding scholarships to undergraduate students with an interest in working in the fashion industry, either from the business perspective or the design perspective. Selected students receive a scholarship for $5,000, attend a Gala in New York City and are encouraged to participate in a paid summer internship program.

UW 2017-2018 Scholars:

Nathan Chang

Senior: Industrial Design

I’m Nate, and I’m an industrial design senior here at UW. Before this, I was chasing a fashion design career, and now I’m aiming specifically for footwear. I’m into photography, clothes, and I have way too many shoes!

Fun fact: Nate Chang is a 3-time recipient of the Fashion Scholarship Award.

Cathy Feng

Senior: Marketing

My name is Cathy Feng, and I am a senior studying Marketing with a Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB Chinese Track). I was a recipient of the YMA FSF Scholarship in 2016 and 2018. The marketing case study project ignited my passions in marketing and consulting.
In 2017, I interned for Not Your Type (, an online vintage brand based in Seattle. Summer 2017, I interned for Blackbird ( as a digital marketing intern after successfully completing a business consulting project with them in spring quarter 2017. Through these experiences, I gained an entrepreneurial spirit with hunger to pursue my own endeavors in fashion. In fall 2017, I studied abroad through Foster Exchange Programs to the University of Hong Kong, and I keep my mind open for global opportunities in the greater China region. I am looking for jobs for after graduation in June 2018, without losing sight of my creative passions.

Jade Granger

Senior: Industrial Design

Jade Granger is a senior studying Industrial Design at UW. She has accepted a position to work with Hasbro as a Structural Packaging Designer in the Autumn. Despite majoring in industrial design and possessing a slightly unhealthy fondness for laser cutters, Jade has worked with the interaction design program as well, developing skills in UX and UI work. Her interest in YMA is mostly the product of a childhood fascination with fashion and clothing design that she never quite had the courage to pursue professionally, though she’s prone to rather flamboyant – if often inadvisable – fashion choices in daily life. Her favorite designer is and has always been Alexander Mcqueen. In her free time – what little of it seems to be left – she can be found cooking, writing slam poetry she’ll never perform, and knitting. She’s very unsure at this juncture whether she lives for her work or in spite of it, but regardless, she loves all aspects of design, from spaceships to Iphone apps to fashion. She would love one day (in that same nonexistent free time) to create and sew a limited line of beautiful clothing for the physically disabled, bringing grace to injuries instead of shame. But, until then, she can be found lounging next to the laser cutter while it works, knitting herself a new sweater.

Julie Kim

Senior: Visual Communication Design

I am a current senior studying Visual Communication Design and am interested in publishing, bookmaking, sustainability specifically in the fashion industry, and design research on topics such as sustainability, consumerism, and the intersection between the humanities and design. I’m not sure about my professional goals as a designer but I know with an interest in fashion this scholarship was appealing to me especially because of UW’s lack of fashion resources besides costume design. This was a good opportunity for me to explore further what a career as a designer in the fashion world or doing projects related to fashion would look like and applying for the scholarship itself gave me experience in fashion design that I otherwise probably never would’ve gotten. It has been helpful for me to narrow down my interests and also has given me an amazing opportunity to travel to New York City! Outside of the design major I have participated in the CHID study abroad to Amsterdam where we studied the role of design in society and the impact/reflections on culture it provides. I’ve been involved on campus as a leader in AAIV (Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship), a FIG (First-year Interest Group) instructor, and Pipeline volunteer.

Catlin Lu

Junior:Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

Catlin Lu is an animation student with a special interest in illustration, design, and narrative sequential art. Her passion lies in storytelling through art and design. She’s proactive in expanding her skill set and proficiency in visual communication, and she wants to professionally solve design problems.

Jennifer Vuong, National Merit Nominee & Fashion Fund Scholar

Senior: Interaction Design

I’m Jen, a senior majoring in interaction design. I’m always dabbling in anything creative, from my hobbies of illustration and photography, to using fashion as a means of self expression. In my career, I hope to combine design thinking, psychology, and my creative skills to make products that can deliver a meaningful experience for others.

UW 2016-17 Scholars:

Nathan Chang

Junior, Design: Industrial Design major

Jade Granger

Senior, Design: Industrial Design major

Katherine Kitto

Senior, Communication major

Jennifer Vuong

Junior, Design: Interaction Design major