EarthGames Developer

PI: Dargan Frierson

Start-Up Company Name: Mosquito/NET

Lab/Project Website:

Work Location: ATG building UW Seattle

Work Hours: 40 hrs/week, flexible hours + weekly group meetings twice per week in the afternoon

Overall Program Goal: Our goal is to improve engagement of citizen scientists with data collection apps, with the specific target being mosquito larvae identification and mitigation.  We have created a gamified mosquito data collection app with in-game rewards that mirror the real-world benefits of the actions (e.g., improvement of in-game habitats).  The next key step is to improve login procedures in a way that’s easier for players to connect but still respects user privacy as much as in the current build. We are also interested in experimenting with new gamification techniques.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities: The intern will work on new branches of mosquito/NET in the Unity game engine.  They will write code in C#. They will write interfaces with Facebook, Google, and open map APIs.

Pre-requisites: programming experience with Unity and C# is required.  Experience with APIs, databases and servers preferred.

Level of Independence: We have some clear goals that will need to be accomplished.  The intern will need to be an independent problem solver. There are also ample opportunities for the intern to be creative and try out new ideas based on their interests.  The intern will work closely with other EarthGames team members.

Learning Opportunities: Software development skills, working in an interdisciplinary team, using technology for social good