Mary Gates Endowment For Students

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The Mary Gates Endowment for Students is supported by a team of staff and students. We are happy to meet with students regarding scholarships, applications and projects.

Meet the Staff

Olivia Albiero Assistant Director, 206-616-3925

Olivia (she/her) serves as the Assistant Director for the Mary Gates Endowment. She first set foot on the UW campus as an international student in 2009, when she started her graduate studies in Germanics. After completing an M.A. and a Ph.D., she was first assistant and then associate professor of German and Italian at San Francisco State University. After returning to Seattle, she held a visiting position in German Studies at the University of Puget Sound. Throughout her time in higher education, Olivia particularly enjoyed working with students, advising, and mentoring them in their academic journeys, which has led her to pivot into a role in student affairs. As Assistant Director for the Mary Gates Endowment, she has the fantastic opportunity to advise all applicants who want to embark on a research or leadership experience and to support the new Scholars and their mentors as they pursue their outstanding projects.

Kimberly Quiocho, Program Assistant

Kimberly (she/her) serves as a Mary Gates Endowment’s Program Assistant. She is in her fourth and final year at UW, hoping to complete dual degrees in International Studies and Journalism with a minor in Informatics. She began working with the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity as a front desk staff member in her sophomore year and has since familiarized herself with the programs the Center manages like MGE.  With her three years of experience in the office, she is confident that she has the right tools to support students in their undergraduate research and leadership plans.

Lily He, Program Assistant

Lily (she/her) serves as a Mary Gates Endowment’s Program Assistant. She recently completed her undergraduate journey at UW, graduating in June 2023 in Psychology, and is currently a graduate student at the School of Social Work. She began working with MGE as the program assistant during her third year working at the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity. Her experience in assisting faculty with their research projects and involvement in community services have contributed to her realization of the importance of funding and supporting undergraduates’ leadership and research journeys.