Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Our Mission, Values & Vision


The Mary Gates Endowment for Students supports University of Washington undergraduates to become independent learners and community leaders. We encourage students’ development of creative, courageous ideas and efforts. Mary Gates Scholars act with integrity, value inclusivity and impact the world through innovation and service.



We provide support that allows students to explore their developing goals and ideas.

Community Investment

Through application, selection, and mentoring processes as well as through student-designed projects, the UW and the community beyond it participate in students’ growth and share in the benefits of the Endowment.


We provide students with information and guidance that helps them to identify learning opportunities and with financial flexibility so that they can use their time and attention to pursue research, leadership and independent innovative projects.


We consider where funding can make the greatest impact – in the student’s personal and intellectual development, in the opportunities available to the student, and to the creation of knowledge and social benefit.


We envision a time when every UW student can imagine becoming a Mary Gates Scholar – someone who is engaged as a citizen, leader, scholar, mentor – honoring the legacy of Mary Maxwell Gates and her family.

This evolving and growing community of Mary Gates Scholars, students and alumni, will take advantage of opportunities to connect with and learn from each other and to complete the circle – giving back by mentoring others, providing knowledge and guidance to others in pursuit of graduate education and career, and joining philanthropic efforts to increase the number of learning opportunities like theirs that can be offered to undergraduate students.