Mary Gates Endowment For Students

CoMotion Project Descriptions

The MGE CoMotion Innovation Internship will not be accepting applications forthe 2023-24 academic year. Please check back next year for updates. 

Summer 2023

  1. Chemical modifications of biological materials for bioplastics applications
  2. Emergency Airway Device
  3. Lego-stacking to build thick perfusable vasculature
  4. MiniKidney
  5. Protein-Based Bioplastics for Additive Manufacturing
  6. Smartphone APP Development
  7. SpineHealthie: A new way to experience virtual post-operative care
  8. Targeting von Willebrand factor to model disease in human pluripotent stem cells
  9. TEXTILE: Tutorials in EXperimentalisT Interactive LEarning
  10. Unlocking the power of biofertilizer for sustainable agriculture