Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Lego-stacking to build thick perfusable vasculature

Faculty PI:

Ying Zheng, Ph.D.

Project or Start-Up Company Name:

Lego-stacking to build thick perfusable vasculature

Lab/Project Website:

Work Location:

Zheng Lab at South Lake Union Campus

815 Republican St., Brotman Building, Room 421

Work Hours (include recurring team meetings, special events, etc.):

40 hours per week

Overall Program Goal:

Extending the developed perfusable vasculature engineering technique for producing cultured meat towards health care, food security, and a better planet.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities:

The intern’s duties include: (1) exploring commercialization potential of this tissue engineering technique towards cultured meat, (2) learning to make multilayered vessels and add muscle and fat cells in, 3) exploring potential robotics for fabrication process.


Not restricted but preferred for Bio(engineering) major; GPA>3.8; interested in commercialization lab technologies. 

Level of Independence:

The intern needs to have strong independent working ability. It is a somewhat well-structured position, but requiring highly motivated student to make meaning progress. The intern will work with graduate student/postdoc, and meet PI on weekly basis. 

Learning Opportunities:

(1) Advanced tissue engineering technique; (2) knowledge about cultured meat; (3) experience about knowledge transfer.