Mary Gates Endowment For Students

COCO (Caring for Caregivers Online)

Faculty PI Name:

Weichao Yuwen, Ph.D., RN

Project or Start-Up Company Name:

COCO (Caring for Caregivers Online) – An on-demand support platform with text-based therapy for family caregivers

Lab/Project Website:

Work Location:


Work Hours (include times of recurring group meetings, special events, etc.):

  • Weekly team meetings on Fridays 3-4pm
  • Other recurring group meetings to be scheduled for Summer Quarter
  • Other work hours flexible

Overall Program Goal:

We will be launching the UW COCO to support the working and studying family caregivers on campus in June. In the summer, we will be maintaining and improving the platform, and continue to develop additional features and functions such as the artificial intelligence (AI) and telenursing hybrid platform.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities:

We are looking for students with interest and experience in health informatics, nursing, business, design, and/or computer science to contribute to different parts of the project. The intern will work closely with the COCO team and contribute to developing key features and functions of the platform, and have the opportunity to participate in conducting research and publishing. The exact responsibilities will depend on the student’s interest and experience.


We are looking for students in their junior year or beyond majoring in health informatics, nursing, business, design, and/or computer science.

Level of Independence:

The COCO team currently has about 30 students (10 at graduate level and 20 at the undergraduate level). The intern will be working with the faculty sponsor as well as graduate student team leads. The position is open-ended and dependent upon the student’s interest. We hope the intern is already in a major and have some foundational knowledge in a discipline. For example, if the intern is a computer science student, it would be preferred if they have completed at least one year of upper-level coursework with experience in some computer languages.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Work in a trans-disciplinary team of faculty and aspiring students on a project with both social and commercial value;
  • Participate in translational research inquiries and contribute to scientific manuscript writing.