Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Software Developer of DeepTracer Project at DAIS Group

Faculty PI Name:

Dong Si, Ph.D.

Project or Start-Up Company Name:


Lab/Project Website:

Work Location:


Work Hours (include times of recurring group meetings, special events, etc.):

2 hours of group meetings a week and personal working hours

Overall Program Goal:

Develop the next generation of DeepTracer. Extend the functionality and UI/UX of DeepTracer.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities:

Backend data structure, algorithm, and database development. Frontend UI/UX, web application, and GUI development.


Computer Science data structure and algorithm, programming, or frontend development experience. Python and Machine Learning knowledge will be a plus.

Level of Independence:

All positions are well-structured. We work in a team, but independent study and problem-solving skill are still very important.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Programming and problem solving;
  • Teamwork and collaboration;
  • Publication of software and articles.