Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Mary Gates CoMotion Summer Cohort

2021 Cohort

Kayla Chea


Kayla Chea is a rising senior at the University of Washington pursuing a B.S. in Informatics. She is excited to join I-LABS’ SparklingTM product Development team this summer and learn more about bilingualism in children. She is interested in the intersection of people, information, and technology design and is passionate about designing for social impact. In her free time, she enjoys consuming Asian media, playing indie games, and doodling. 



Junqi Chen

Junqi Chen is a senior double majoring in applied physics and material science and engineering. She is participating in the CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Internship program this summer with Dr. Lance Stewart, working as an intern at the Institute of Protein Design. This project is to research and prepare business case analyses for pain relief. After completing her undergraduate degree, she expects to pursue a master’s degree and do biomedical research in graduate school, especially working in the field of bionanotechnology. She enjoys playing table tennis and cooking in her spare time.

Xuweiyi Chen


Xuweiyi is a junior at University of Washington pursuing a degree in both ACMS and Informatics. This summer he is interning in BioDepot LLC founded by Dr. Yeung, Dr Lloyd and Dr. Hung, working on implementing the documentation and improving the project. In his free time, Xuweiyi plays basketball and loves to watch sports.


Justin Dillard


Justin Dillard-Telm is a senior in the Bioengineering major. He is passionate about cellular biology of all types and has been involved in cellular biology research since 2018 using genetic engineering techniques to add fluorescent labels to proteins in order to visualize and study processes involved in cellular aging. Justin has also recently trained a neural network to automate manual data scoring tasks for cellular aging studies. Justin’s research interests include how physical parameters in the brain other than ion channels and ionic solute concentrations influence action potential characteristics, and how cellular components other than ion channels interact with ionic components to influence the action potential. Justin is also interested in neural engineering and brain-machine interfaces. In his spare time, Justin enjoys reading, writing, and the great outdoors.

Hannah Lea


Hannah is a senior at the University of Washington, Seattle Campus pursuing a degree in biochemistry, and is a student in the Interdisciplinary Honors College. Hannah plans on doing an MD/ PhD program after she graduates and wants to study and work in pediatric oncology. This summer Hannah will be continuing her work with the Theberge Lab. In her free time, she likes to swim, bike, cook, and explore new areas with friends. 



Audrey Lu


Audrey is a junior at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Health Informatics & Health Information Management. Audrey is passionate about creating technology-enabled health solutions to bridge gaps in healthcare. This summer she will be working on the UI/UX design team for COCO (Care for Caregivers Online), an on-demand support platform with text-based therapy for family caregivers. She will focus on user research, persona creation, and user testing for providers and caregivers. Her goal for the project is to improve the user-centered design, feasibility, and usability of the mobile app and website platform. She hopes to gain research experience and perspective in the health informatics field under Professor Yuwen. In her free time, Audrey enjoys playing music, reading, and watching movies.

Shreya Rajgopal

Shreya is a junior majoring in Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Seattle Campus. This summer, she is working with the Institute for Protein Design, under the guidance of Dr. Lance Stewart and Dr. David Baker, to develop and support a business case assessment for the novel biosensor technology that enables rapid point of care diagnosis of COVID-19.  Her research interests include biomaterial implants, tissue engineering, point of care diagnostics, and drug delivery. She aspires to make accessible and cost effective medical innovations and technologies for low resource communities. She is also very passionate about music and is pursuing a diploma in vocals. In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 

Jenny Rong


Jenny Rong is a senior majoring in Informatics – Data Science at the University of Washington, Seattle. This summer, Jenny is working on the DeepTracer project in Dr. Si’s Data Analysis & Intelligent Systems (DAIS) Group. The project’s goal is focused on developing an automated tool using deep learning techniques to predict the protein structure. Jenny works on the backend algorithm development of the project. She hopes to continue with research in the future and pursue her passion for computer vision and deep learning. In her free time, Jenny loves digital art and 3D modeling. 

Tanmay Shah


I am Tanmay Shah – a senior in the Paul G Allen School of CSE. I am doing the Computer Science + Data Science option. This summer, I will be working with BioDepot LLC in their Cloud team. In addition to academics, I am also a musician, an amateur historian, and a Linux and FOSS enthusiast. 


Elif Usta


Elif is entering her junior year at the University of Washington, pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is interested in applying her engineering background in a healthcare setting. With a passion for developing and optimizing technology to make a direct positive impact in people’s lives, she is very excited to be gaining research experience in nuclear medicine and radiology this summer. She is working under Dr. Robert Miyaoka on his project to develop a wearable technology for neuroendocrine cancer patients to enable personalized PRRT radiation therapy. In her free time, Elif likes to hike, play ping pong, and hang out with her cat.

Yufei Zhang

Yufei is a rising senior student double majoring in economics and mathematics. She is passionate about human-centered design and using technology innovations to improve people’s lives. She has experience volunteering in a hospital specializing in cancer treatment as a mental health assistant in China and worked with a few direct research groups of the HCDE department. This summer, she will work with Professor Elin Björling on a social robot named EMAR (Ecological Momentary Assessment Robot) to help with the mental health problems of teenagers. Aside from her academic interests, she likes gaming, reading, snowboarding, and recently decided to learn digital drawing. She wants to pursue a master degree in the field of HCI after graduation and become a UX researcher in healthcare.