Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Mentoring your Mary Gates Scholars

Mentoring your Mary Gates Scholar

Having a mentor is an excellent opportunity for Mary Gates Scholars to learn and grow with guidance and support. Since mentor involvement depends on individual students and projects, we expect your scholar to share their mentor needs with you at the beginning of the project to clarify expectations on both sides. To this end, it’s a good idea to look at your student’s application essay. Additionally, we would expect you to be available to your scholar as needed in order for them to have the support necessary to gain the skills and hone the abilities they have set up to achieve their goals.

As part of the requirements of the award, scholars and mentors are asked to complete a mid-quarter survey during each quarter of your scholar’s project. We ask for feedback to address needs during the award period and gladly accept suggestions to improve our program.

Please visit the Resources and Tips page provided about building a successful mentor relationship. You may contact the Mary Gates team at with any questions or concerns, we are here to support you and your scholar.

Expectations for Mentors of Awarded Scholars

  • You are expected to meet with your scholar at least every other week (minimum: 5 meetings per quarter). The more you and your scholar meet, the better!
    • For research mentors: As appropriate, you may wish to assign a graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, research staff, or other individual within the research environment to provide day-to-day mentoring and training for your mentee.
  • Support your mentee’s proposed project through the award period, and be prepared to provide confirmation and guidance in case of any major project changes. (Ex: change in award quarter, complete change in project topic or mentor, and/or significant shifts in student engagement with you/their project.)
    • In the case of major shifts in the project’s goals/timeline, your scholar should reach out to the MGE team, and you may be asked to confirm your support.
  • As a Mary Gates Scholar, your mentee is required to present at either the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (research scholars) or the Spring Leadership Celebration (leadership scholars). You are expected to support them in their preparation for their presentation, and are also encouraged to attend.
    • More information on these events will be sent out during winter quarter as the event application/registration opens.
  • Make sure to include your scholar in any meetings or community events that would support their project and/or academic/professional growth. (Ex: lab meetings, journal clubs, departmental/board meetings, or symposia/conferences.)
  • Mentors and scholars are required to complete brief mid-quarter surveys that are sent during each quarter of the scholar’s award period.