Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Daniel Chen

Mary Gates Research Scholar, Winter 2020, Autumn 2020

Research Project: Chromatin Landscape Movement of COVID-19 Impacted Patient Immune Systems

Project Description: This projects aims to utilize the integration single-cell ATAC and RNA sequencing data to investigate COVID-19 patient epigenomes by identifying immune cell subpopulations critical to the formation of humoral immunity and clusters that are predictive of adaptive memory degradation. In particular I seek to interrogate patient immune systems to identify the early epigenetic factors responsible for convalescent immune memory development. 

What have you learned throughout your project?

I’ve learned how to integrate data across multiple different -omics and to produce stronger conclusions supported by multiple independent datasets. Further, I’ve learned how to dive deeper into scientific inquiries and what questions to ask in order to direct my research towards an effective and profitable direction. Work with your mentor to gain a rigorous understanding of both the mechanics of your project as well as the stakes.

What piece of advice would you give to future Mary Gates Scholarship applicants?

Knowing why your project is important, who it impacts and how, helps to establish your own interest in the project and helps you to explain what your project is about to others such as the reviewers. Getting a good grasp on what your project is and how you’re contributing can be difficult so it’s great to reach out to your mentor to meet and discuss where your efforts are impacting the project and the overall scheme/design of the investigation. h