Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Daniela Cao

Mary Gates Research Scholar, Winter 2023


Research Project:The Corrosion Behavior of NiTi SMA Coupled With Steel Rebar in Infrastructure Applications

Research Project Description: The desired outcome of this project is to characterize the potential for corrosion-induced degradation in concrete infrastructure reinforced with coupled steel rebar and NiTi SMA bars. This project can be separated into three tasks: Experimental Preparation, Electrochemical tests, and Revealing corrosion rate.

The objective of the first phase of testing, scheduled for the first two months of the project, is to learn the electrochemical techniques and software and to investigate several aspects of the test setup that could influence the results. The second phase of testing will involve two different electrochemical cell setups and is expected to take three months.

What have you learned throughout your research/leadership project and experience?

This experience enhances my education by allowing me to independently conduct research in a laboratory environment, learn new topics about corrosion degradation by using shape memory alloys, and techniques outside of the curriculum such as potentiostat, and interpret and analyze data.

What advice do you have for future Mary Gates Research applicants?

My advice is starting the essay as early as possible and go to the writing workshop to get the feedback. This can boost the efficiency of revising the essay. Also, set up weekly appointments with the mentor to supervise the progress of the research would be helpful of moving forward on the right track. Don’t forget to be proactive self reliance!