Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Devany Shikiar

Mary Gates Research Scholar, Winter 2022

Research Project: Neuronal Network in the Avian Lumbosacral Region

Project Description: I am investigating the network of nerves that seem to cross the midline of the avian spine through the glycogen body in the lumbosacral (LSO) region. I have been using IHC and tracer methods to identify if these nerves are sensory neurons or other.

What have you learned throughout this research project?

I have learned so many fascinating things throughout my time in this research! As a psychology major and Spanish minor, I never really had much experience in the wet lab nor in avian neuroscience. I have since had the opportunity to learn a plethora of laboratory procedures and obtain a deeper understanding of molecular biology. 

What piece of advice do you have for future applicants?

Bring passion, curiosity, and confidence with you and you will succeed.