Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Esther Himmelfarb

Mary Gates Leadership Scholar, 2022-2023

Leadership Project: UW NextGen Civic Leader Corps Growth


Leadership Project Description: Currently I serve as the UW NextGen program’s ambassador to the Volcker Alliance as well as one of their student advisors. I hope to continue and expand my involvement with this project beyond my scholarship’s timeline as I am passionate and eager to be a part of the program’s development and growth. In working with the UW NextGen Civic Leader Corps and the Volcker Alliance, I plan to use a multitude of strategies to increase membership and increase the University of Washington’s involvement and engagement with Volcker Alliance’s national network. Some of my involvement includes: collaborating with student advisors and staff on program development, event planning, social media presence, and the planning and execution of national events/programs.

What advice do you have for future Mary Gates Leadership applicants?

Advice I have for future Mary Gates Leadership applicants is to first and foremost seize opportunities. You cannot discover what you’re passionate about until you do!

What have you learned throughout your leadership project? 

Throughout my leadership project so far, I have learned how to work with others from square one with a lot of support–an opportunity that I have not found anywhere else. Additionally I have learned to identify my strengths and what I hope to improve upon, thus tailoring both to how I can better contribute to my work with the UW NextGen program.