Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Ian Hong

Mary Gates Research Scholar, Winter 2022

Research Project: Validation of Gujral machine learning model

Project Description: The Gujral model has already produced predicted data on cell viability for relevant kinase inhibitors, my role in this project is to assist in completing the validation of that regression output. 25 nonspecific kinase inhibitors with predicted impact scores reflecting “no effect”, “moderate effect”, and “potent effect” on cell viability will be tested on two human urothelial bladder cancer cell lines (COCAB1 & SW780) and three human squamous bladder cancer cell lines (COCAB11, UMUC5, & SCABER).

What have you learned throughout your research project?

I have learned that it is important to make every trial of the experiment worth it. For the amount of time and resources that go into every trial, if I make human error, that pushes back the progress of my experiment significantly. 

What piece of advice do you have for future applicants?

It is okay to be anxious and nervous during the beginning phases of experimentation. But just embrace the difficulties of research and really try to absorb as much as you can and eventually your research will start to make sense.