Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Kaylene Pang

Mary Gates Research Scholar, Winter 2020

Research Project: Low-Cost Automated Labeling and Clearing of Clinical Specimens for High-Throughput Nondestructive 3D Pathology

Project Description: The aim of my project is to show that visualizing prostate specimens in three dimensions, throughout entire biopsy specimens that are optically cleared (tissues are rendered transparent to light), will greatly improve the ability to identify cancerous patients and thereby inform their treatment decisions.

What have you learned throughout your research project?

Throughout my research project, I have learnt that I am capable of leading a high-level research project and collaborating significantly with experienced professionals. I have learnt how to communicate effectively within academic contexts in terms of reading and processing peer reviewed articles, creating and leading professional presentations, and developing an academic writing style. Most importantly, my research has made me more confident in my ability to solve real-world problems by thinking creatively and independently.

What piece of advice do you have for future applicants?

I would encourage Mary Gates Research applicants to have confidence in their skills and experiences that they bring to the table. It can be very intimidating to reach out for research opportunities or to apply to research scholarships, but the possible benefits are worth taking your chances! I owe a significant amount of my growth to my research experience, so I highly encourage students to get involved in research to get in the habit of solving real-world problems.