Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Noah Stanigar

Mary Gates Leadership Scholar, Winter 2022

Leadership Project: Brothers In Color

Project Description: For my project, I am currently the President for the Brothers In Color RSO. Brothers in Color is the student-led extension of the Brotherhood Initiative. The BI is a cohort based initiative with the goal of supporting underrepresented men of color enrolled at UW. Students in the BI take a seminar their Freshman and Sophomore year that covers topics on accessing academic resources, both known and overlooked, identity development, professional preparation, and breaking down stigmas of masculinity in communities of color. There is limited space within this program, which birthed the Brothers in Color RSO to expand the reach of this program to other men of color on campus.

What have you learned throughout your leadership project?

I have learned greater leadership skills, and have gained valuable experience as a professional and as a person from my leadership project.

What piece of advice do you have for future applicants?

I would say choose something that you are passionate about. It is a lot easier to plan around working on something that you care about, it makes the work worth it. Also take time every couple of weeks or months just to see the outcome of the time you have spent working on your project. Being able to see progress lets you know what you are doing is meaningful.