Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Ruby Lunde

Mary Gates Leadership Scholar, Winter 2021

Leadership Project: Q-munity at University of Washington

Project Description: I co-founded Q-munity in the winter of 2020 and it has since fostered a close community of queer individuals. Our club has engaged students to become regular members with social, educational, recruitment, and philanthropic events. The future goal of the club is to become a central pillar of queer identity at UW and continue to make the campus feel more accessible in order to connect LGBTQ+ individuals. The club co-hosted the UW Spring Virtual Drag Show in 2021 and has also initiated the Queer Round Table, which has organized all queer-focused RSOs and organizations into one entity. Much of our work has expanded to collaborate with other organizations such as Greek Pride, QSC, and the Q-Center to create a more connected community. 

What have you learned throughout your leadership project? 

Q-munity has helped me develop project management skills. I have also learned the importance of succession of leadership and documentation for long term sustainability. Being a leader of a queer RSO has instilled more pride in my identity, thanks to my partners and my entire Q-munity. 

What piece of advice do you have for future applicants? 

To emphasize what your future goals are and how this will impact the campus or people on campus after you have graduated.