Mary Gates Endowment For Students

Benefits & Opportunities of Being a Mary Gates Scholar


Recognition events organized especially for Mary Gates Scholars include the Mary Gates Annual Reception and our autumn quarter Welcome Back Breakfast Reception. Lapel pins are presented to scholars during these events to be worn during special events or their presentations. They are a great way to identify other scholars at events.

Opportunities to present your work

Scholars may apply for funding to support travel to present their work at professional conferences. The application process is managed by the Undergraduate Research Program.  There are also occasional opportunities to display and discuss your work in more intimate settings with potential donors to the University and other members of the UW community.

Special invitations

Mary Gates Scholars receive invitations to attend dinners, lectures and receptions with prominent speakers and guests of the University. The cost of these events are covered for students.


Mary Gates Scholars have been featured in University publications and programs. Additionally, a Leadership Scholar is invited to speak at Freshman Convocation every year.

Access to UW faculty and staff

In addition to your mentors, the Mary Gates Endowment program staff is available to discuss your ideas, your project, your leadership and research skill development, and to provide assistance with the logistics of your scholarship.