Mary Gates Endowment For Students


The Mary Gates Endowment for Students expands opportunities for undergraduates by providing Leadership & Research Scholarships. Students are asked to articulate their educational goals outside of traditional classroom settings, identify mentors, reflect on their experiences, and actively engage in their own learning processes. Undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are also open to all international students and undocumented students.

Leadership Scholarships

Mary Gates Leadership Scholarships can foster your leadership development as you pursue a project or activity important to you and your community. In the application process, we ask you to articulate your own understandings of leadership, what you want to learn, and how the activity will support your learning goals.

Research Scholarships

Mary Gates Research Scholarships help you engage in a research project to discover, articulate, and contribute your talents and ideas with the guidance of a faculty mentor. You can deepen your involvement and understanding of a topic to engage in the intellectual endeavors of the University

CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Internship

The CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Scholars program funds full-time summer internships in faculty-led start-up initiatives. Selected scholars will contribute to the development of these companies, gaining experience in and exposure to various aspects of building a new product/business.