Transducer design

PI:  Michael Bailey

Start-Up Company Name: SonoMotion

Lab/Project Website:

Work Location: Portage Bay Building room 122

Work Hours: 9-5, M-F, group meeting Wednesdays 2:30

Overall Program Goal: The goal is to use a new design technique based on a numerical model and a new fabrication technique based on 3D printing to design new medical ultrasound therapy transducers.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities: A specific job is to test a newly designed and fabricated transducer to ablate a large tumor region by testing ablation on tissue samples.

Pre-requisites: A physics, mathematics or engineering background is likely to be helpful. Experience or interest in making physical things, is helpful. Matlab or 3D printing experience can help.

Level of Independence: The intern should be somewhat independent and self-motivated. An overall project scope and tasks will be defined. The intern will be expected to do independent research to complete tasks and determine next steps. The intern will have access to their mentors on a daily basis.

Learning Opportunities: The intern will learn about designing and making medical ultrasound transducers and learn the process of experimental characterization and testing of these devices.