UW Pipeline Project

Tutor Training Week [Winter 2020]

We have a variety of workshops for our current tutors to make up hours lost due to Midwinter Break!


Tuesday, February 18th

Multicultural Education: Your culture, your role, your actions
9:30AM – 11:00AM – MGH 171E

Facilitator: Saejin Kwak Tanguay

This workshop will give an overview of foundational concepts and approaches to Multicultural Education. Participants will be asked to reflect on their identities and how their lived experiences shape their attitudes and beliefs about education. How does who we are and who we have been show up in how we teach, how we act, and how we interact with others in educational spaces?

Conflict Management in the Classroom 
3:30PM – 5:00PM – MGH 173R

Facilitator: Catherine Zeng

Take this opportunity to share the conflicts you have observed or experienced within the classrooms, through a design jam. We will learn about different types of conflict management strategies and design our own approaches to brainstorm solutions and solve challenges.

Wednesday, February 19th

Tutoring in Math: Lessons Learned and Applicable Skills
1:30PM – 3:00PM – MGH 173R

Facilitator: David Joslin

Math is a wonderful subject, and it is super important that students understand its odds and ends! We will discuss the best ways in approaching a student when tutoring in math, tutoring tips and tricks, and we will discuss some math topics, approaches, and ideas that should help no matter what level of math being taught. The goal of this workshop is for everyone to have the confidence in tutoring math anytime and anyplace.

Thursday, February 20th

Pathways Into Teaching and Other Careers In Education
9:30AM – 11:00AM – MGH 171E

Facilitator: Michael Nguyen

Learn about various pathways into education, including teaching. Which positions require certification? What are the various entry-points into working in schools? Michael Nguyen from the Seattle Teacher Residency will share various roles and be on hand to answer questions for anyone interested in working in the public school system.

Identity Workshop
11:30AM – 1:00PM – MGH 173R

Facilitator: Katie Wallace

Who are we and how do our identities influence our interactions in community? Understanding the complexity of our own identities is crucial when working in, with and for students, especially when we’re not originally from the communities in which we’re working. This workshop will explore our individual and social identities and how our group membership, intentionally and unintentionally, has consequences on our interactions with others.

Friday, February 21st

Speak at School: How Can Tutors Respond to Everyday Prejudice, Bias, and Stereotypes
11:30AM – 1:00PM – MGH 171E

Facilitator: Erik Saucedo

This workshop will give students the opportunity to explore the social justice standards and where we will explore what anti-bias attitudes and behavior may look like in the classroom.

Building Relationships & Managing Classroom Behavior
1:30PM – 3:00PM – MGH 258

Facilitator: Sarah Bishop

This workshop will focus on strategies to build a relationship with your students, as well as how to maintain relationships with students while responding to challenging classroom behavior.