UW Pipeline Project

EDUC 401 D: Biomedical Mentors in Science

  • Date/Time: TBD, depending on student availability
  • Facilitator: Camila Valdebenito (cfvb22@uw.edu )
  • SLN: 14163 (Class not open yet)

Biomedical research and Mentors in Science (BioXMS) is a program dedicated to bridging the gap of educational resources, particularly STEM education, at Highline High school. We achieve this by exposing students to the various career options that are within STEM fields and design lesson plans that correspond with the field we discuss that week. Lasty year we brought in a trauma surgeon from Harborview, a biochemistry professor from UW, a panel of medical students from UW, a Human Centered Design Engineer, a biotechnology lab specialist at Shoreline college, to name a few. We also hold field trip days to departments within UW as well as other renown research facilities in the Seattle area. In addition, we hold a few resume and college application workshops for the students as a part of our goal of helping them reach and obtain higher levels of education.


  • Visit the high school twice a month for 2 hours each visit (provided transportation)
  • Lead PowerPoint presentations for students at the sessions
  • Plan field trips for the high school students to various locations
  • Meet with BIOXMS leaders on campus once a week to plan lessons
  • Coordinate visits from STEM professors and professionals to the school


  • Earn 2 (I&S) credits. You will need an add code from us.
  • Opportunity to practice leadership, organizational and public speaking skills
  • Join a community passionate about addressing the resource gap in underfunded schools.