UW Pipeline Project

EDUC 401 Z: English Language Learners Seminar

    • Date: Tuesday
    • Time: 2:00 PM – 3:20 PM
    • Location: MLR 316
    • SLN: 13647
    • Facilitator: Rebecca Ray, rray2@uw.edu

In this seminar we will focus on social forces that impact education for multilingual learners learners in our public schools today. We will discuss teaching methods related to multilingual learners, as well as equitable educational programming related to linguistic theory. In this course I will work to create a supportive space where we can discuss questions and understandings related to shared texts and experiences. I will also encourage you to develop a philosophical stance towards the instruction of multilingual students. We will also share observations and impressions from our personal experiences in our schools and organizations.

These are our goals:

  1. Understand who our ELLs(in the United States and in Washington state) are.
  2. Gain familiarity with some of the pressing issues and challenges ELLsface in public education.
  3. Review some instructional strategies and techniques for working with ELLs.
  4. Engage in self-reflection as a backdrop to a tutoring practicum experience.

For this seminar, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Credit and tutoring requirements are as follows:

  • 3 credits*: 2.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 20 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 4 credits: 5 hours tutoring/week (at least 40 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 5 credits: 7.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 60 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 6 credits**: 10 hours tutoring/week (at least 80 hours tutoring/quarter

*A Student may opt to register for 1 or 2 credits if it means avoiding an additional registration fee.

** Students can only enroll for a max of 6 credits total per Quarter when tutoring for the Pipeline Project. Need more Credits still? Email pipeline@uw.edu and we will do our best to accommodate you

If you need to make up tutoring hours for a circumstance out of your control (school closure, holiday) you can complete an online assignment. Each assignment is worth two tutoring hours.