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Dunlap Elementary

About the School:

Dunlap Elementary is a bright and cheerful school in a park-like setting in southeast Seattle. In the 2000 -2001 school year, we moved into our beautifully designed new building.

The Rainier Beach area provides a variety of opportunities for field trips, via the new light rail Sound Transit, to different public facilities, community parks and horticultural areas.

Our elementary education focus gives special attention to the developmental needs of each child. Here the academic intervention and enrichment plans are developed through frequent assessment and monitoring of the student’s progress. Instruction is matched with the child’s best learning rate, level and learning style. These learning environments are also supported by an integrated model of instruction which places support staff (i.e, ELL/Bilingual staff and Title 1 Instructional Assistants) directly into the regular classroom working with the homeroom teacher providing support services to children.

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