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Nathan Hale High School

About the School:

The Nathan Hale High School curriculum offers students a balanced educational experience focusing upon developing critical thinking and communication skills so that our students become members of a responsible, democratic citizenry.

Our school is nationally recognized as a leader in school reform efforts that result in providing a rigorous and relevant education for our young adults that is intentional, integrated, and collaborative in nature.

Students will graduate with the greatest number of opportunities open to them. Honors, Advanced Placement, and modified transcript designations are awarded for work in our full-inclusion classrooms and are available across the curriculum.


Nathan Hale is a Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) School.


Students at Nathan Hale High School develop critical thinking skills and engage with topics by learning. Students are expected to critically view material retrieved from various sources. They are taught to question:

  • VIEWPOINT – From whose viewpoint are we seeing, reading or hearing? From what angle or perspective?
  • EVIDENCE – How do we know what we know? What’s the evidence and how reliable is it?
  • RELEVANCE – What does it matter? What does it all mean? So what?
  • CONNECTIONS – How are things, events or people connected to each other?What is the cause?  What is the effect? How do they “fit” together?
  • SUPPOSITION – What if…? Could things be otherwise? What are or were the alternatives?