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Christine Stickler (she/her) is the founder and director of the Riverways Education Partnerships. She loves art, poetry, reading, kayaking, laughter and being outdoors. With her partner Jay, she is mother to Ella and Ana and grandma to Emilio and Taj. She feels honored and blessed to have worked over 35 years with amazing community partners and colleagues dedicated to educational justice as well as to the promoting the amazing creativity and resiliency of young people.

  • Ronalei Gasetoto, Education Equity Coordinator, AmeriCorps Member – trg9@uw.edu

My passions come from my cultural upbringings and love for school. As an indigenous learner, I am excited to learn from and with our younger students. Looking forward to all the resilience and respect through the stories they tell us. The future navigators in our educational system. I believe that all students have power within their truths and experiences they tell. I am grateful for this opportunity with Riverways, to be part of transformational efforts that engages students with support throughout the school year.

  • Alison Horn, Equity in STEM Coordinator, AmeriCorps Member – ah78@uw.edu

Originally hailing from Los Angeles, California, Alison has lived in the Greater Seattle area for the past decade and recently completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Environmental Science and Resource Management in June 2021. Having participated in UW Riverways programs throughout her time as an undergraduate at UW, Alison is thrilled to continue to contribute to the work of making K-12 education more equitable and inclusive. She loves working with and learning from UW Riverways community partners and sharing her enthusiasm for science and nature with others.

  • Richard Alejandro Parra, STEM Engagement Program Manager, parrar@uw.edu

Richard (he/him) attended the University of Washington and studied Bioengineering and Diversity. His core values are learning/education, diversity, and community. He is passionate about educational equity and STEM and loves working on projects at the intersection of these fields. He is grateful for the opportunity to join the amazing work CELE and Riverways engage in to support and uplift minoritized students. In his spare time, he likes painting (watercolor), reading (currently re-reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed), watching Netflix (currently watching The Legend of Korra), and spending time with his friends/family.