Riverways Education Partnerships


Join in on the fun of Riverways!

Riverways Education Partnerships strives to build community between students and the greater Seattle area. Through community engagement and tutor appreciation events, we create strong bonds and lasting experiences. For more information, contact riverways@uw.edu.

Tutor Training Week

Make up tutoring hours by attending one of our workshops!

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Tutor Appreciation Events

We want our tutors to know that they are a big part of what makes Riverways a success. Having events catered for them allows the one-on-one time for us to get to know the great tutors who join our program as well as them getting to know each other.  

Monday November 30, 6pm

Meeting ID: 8352778509

Join us for an evening of playing Among Us and Jackbox Games as you prepare for the last few weeks of the quarter!

For more information on our upcoming events, visit our Facebook page!