Riverways Education Partnerships

FAQ for School & Community Partners

What is the Pipeline Project?

The Pipeline Project connects UW undergraduate students to tutoring and other service opportunities in local and regional schools and community organizations.

Do Pipeline tutors get UW credit for tutoring?

Many of the Pipeline tutors are enrolled in classes related to education and receive credit for completing their tutoring commitment. Students in “Inner Pipeline Seminars” take a weekly seminar focused on different education topics, and tutor at least 2-3 hours/week (at least 20 hours over the course of 9 weeks) in K-12 classrooms. Occasionally, students receive more credit by tutoring 40, 60 or even 80 hours over the course of a quarter. Some students take service-learning courses in the sociology or psychology departments, which give them an opportunity to tutor through Pipeline as well.

In addition, some students volunteer with Pipeline without involvement in an academic class. Volunteers attend a mandatory Pipeline orientation prior to tutoring and are asked to commit at least 2 hours a week for a minimum of 1 academic quarter.

What is my role as a school/organization contact person?

The school/organization contact person matches UW tutors with a classroom, teacher or with specific K-12 student(s). We tell tutors that it takes the contact person anywhere from a couple days to one week to place them in a classroom. Because of the tight timeline students are on, it is very helpful for students to get placed as soon as possible so they have plenty of time to complete their tutoring hours.

What is expected of Pipeline tutors?

We stress the importance of consistency in tutoring – we ask students to commit to a weekly tutoring schedule for at least one academic quarter. Students are expected to tutor between 2-3 hours/week. We ask tutors to let their classroom teacher or school/organization contact person know if they are unable to attend due to illness or other extenuating circumstance.

What kind of training do Pipeline tutors receive?

All Pipeline tutors attend a 1.5 hour orientation that covers topics including the role of tutors, tutoring tips and strategies, cultural competency, safety and liability issues, and how to get started tutoring. Many students also take weekly seminar times where they debrief their tutoring experiences and discuss pertinent education issues.

How will UW students contact me?

The Pipeline Project maintains an online list of current tutoring opportunities in local K-12 schools and community organizations. The listing includes the school/organization’s address, contact person and info, subject areas in need of tutors, days/times of the week tutors are needed, and bus directions to the school. Pipeline tutors will pick a school/organization they would like to tutor in and email or phone the school/organization contact person asking to be placed in a classroom. Pipeline tutors are asked to indicate subject area, grade level and days/times of interest.

When will Pipeline tutors contact me?

We recruit students all year so Pipeline tutors may begin contacting you starting in late September through late April. Peak times when students will be contacting schools are the start of each academic quarter: late September/early October, early January and late March/early April.

What are the dates of the UW academic quarters?

Fall Quarter 2018: Begins 9/26/18. Ends 12/7/18.
Winter Quarter 2019: Begins 1/7/19. Ends 3/15/19.
Spring Quarter 2019: Begins 4/1/19. Ends 6/7/19.

**Please note that the last week of the quarter end date is finals week. Some students are able to tutor during finals week while other are not.

Is transportation provided to Pipeline tutors?

Due to limited funding, our to provide transportation to schools is quite limited. The Pipeline Project provides bus directions to each school. Many students take the bus and some students drive their own vehicles. For a small number of schools that are difficult to reach by bus or train, we have Ucar carpools available.

Should UW tutors supervise K-12 students alone?

No, UW tutors needs to be working under the supervision of a school staff person at all times.

Do I need to fill out evaluations of our school’s Pipeline tutors?

Inner Pipeline and service-learning students are required to keep an online log of their hours spent tutoring.  Their classroom teacher or school contact person will be asked to verify their logged hours and answer a few short evaluative questions at the end of an academic quarter.

Partner Evaluation Due Dates:
Fall Quarter 2018:  Dec 7th 2018
Winter Quarter 2019: March 15th, 2019
Spring Quarter 2019:  June 7th 2019

Does Pipeline run a background check on Pipeline tutors?

No. Due to Washington State Patrol policy, Pipeline no longer runs background checks on UW tutors. Please follow the background check and screening procedure that your school/organization uses with all volunteers when screening and placing the UW Pipeline students.

How do I log in to the EXPO website to update my school/organization's tutor position description?

  1. Go to the website by clicking here.
  2. Click on “All other non-UW users”. (In blue text, below the red button)
  3. Log in with your username and password. (If you’ve forgotten them, click on “Forgot username/password”)

If you have any questions or difficulty logging on, please email pipeline@uw.edu and we will help you.