Riverways Education Partnerships

Info for Community Partners

Who are UW Riverways’ Partners:

Riverways Education Partnerships collaborates with 25 Seattle Public Schools, as well as local community organizations. We focus our partnerships on Title I schools, as well as schools that serve at least 30% students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. If you are a school representative that is interested in partnering to host UW Riverways students, please email us at riverways@uw.edu.

About UW Riverways Students:

Riverways Education Partnerships connects UW undergraduate students to tutoring opportunities in schools and community organizations each academic quarter of the UW school year.

Many of the Riverways tutors are enrolled in classes related to education and receive credit for completing their tutoring commitment. Many take a weekly Riverways seminar focused on different education topics, and tutor at least 2.5 hours/week (at least 20 hours over the course of 8-9 weeks) in K-12 classrooms. Occasionally, students receive more credit by tutoring 40, 60 or even 80 hours over the course of a quarter. Some students take service-learning courses in the sociology or psychology departments, which give them an opportunity to tutor through Riverways as well.  Or some tutor as volunteers, not connected to an academic class. Students sign up for their tutoring commitment one UW academic quarter at a time.

What kind of training do Riverways tutors receive?
All Riverways tutors attend a 1.5 hour orientation that covers topics including the role of tutors, tutoring tips and strategies, cultural competency, safety and liability issues, and how to get started tutoring. Many students also take weekly seminars where they debrief their tutoring experiences and discuss pertinent education issues.

Does Riverways run a WA State Patrol Background check on Riverways tutors? No. Riverways no longer runs background checks on UW tutors. It is the responsibility of the host school/organization to screen tutors according to your volunteer protocol. Please use the background check procedure that your school/organization uses with the UW Riverways students.

Responsibilities of Community Partners:

  • Post positions on EXPO database in accordance with instructions and deadlines. Please see more information below.
  • Respond to student inquiries about tutoring opportunities within 3 business days. Students need to confirm and complete their tutoring commitment in order to receive credit, so they will be anxious to confirm their position and get started.
  • Orient Riverways tutors to their position and to your school. Please go over any paperwork and policies or procedures you want them to know about, as well as important information about your school. We encourage you to also orient students to the contact person in case of their absence. Please note that UW Riverways tutors should not be alone with K-12 students, but should be working under the supervision of a school staff person.
  • Organize a volunteer placement for the student at your school. We tell tutors that it takes the contact person anywhere from a couple days to one week to place them in a classroom. Because of the tight timeline students are on, it is very helpful for students to get placed as soon as possible so they have plenty of time to complete their tutoring hours. When finding the position, please remember that Riverways tutoring positions should primarily involve direct tutoring, not administrative duties.
  • Be responsive to student questions and concerns.
  • Complete short online evaluation of each UW Riverways volunteer by the deadline. This evaluation is often required by the professors in order for the students to receive credit, so it is important that it be completed by the deadline. If there are a number of teachers at your school that are hosting UW Riverways tutors, you might find it easiest to print this tutor evaluation document, and have them fill it out, then enter the information into the EXPO database.
  • Let Riverways staff know if you have any questions, concerns about student conduct, or if there is a change in the volunteer coordinator at your school.

Getting Set up with the EXPO Database:

You will need to set up a username and password for accessing our tutor position database. We will send you a one-time link that will allow you to log in and create your username. The EXPO database will be important for posting position descriptions and evaluating tutors at the end of the quarter.

Once you have set up your username and password, you can access EXPO anytime by clicking this link. Be sure to click on “All other non-UW users” to log in.

2020-2021 Yearly UW Riverways Tutor Calendar:

Autumn Quarter Sept. 19: Deadline to submit tutoring positions in EXPO. (If you are not able to submit by this deadline, you are welcome to submit a position for Winter quarter.)
Sept. 25: First day of UW Autumn Quarter classes.
Sept 25 to Oct 8: Students contact sites to set up tutoring placements.
Dec 2 to Dec 6: Last week of Autumn Quarter service.
Dec 6: Evaluations of tutors due from partners.
Winter Quarter Jan 6th: First day of UW Winter Quarter classes.
Jan 6 to Jan 14: Students contact sites to set up tutoring placements.
Mar 8 to Mar 13: Students wrap up their Winter Quarter service.
Mar 13: Evaluations of tutors due from Partners.
Spring Quarter March 30th: First day of UW Spring quarter classes.
March 30th to Apr 10: Students contact sites to set up tutoring placements.
Jun 1 to Jun 5: Students wrap up their Spring quarter service. Jun 5: Evaluations of tutors due from partners.

If you have any questions getting started, please send us an email at riverways@uw.edu or give us a call at 206-616-2302.