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What is STEM ASB?

STEM ASB is a quarter-long program where students take a preparatory EDUC 401 seminar in Winter quarter (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-5:50 pm), then spend the week of spring break (March 20th – March 25th, 2021) running STEM outreach programming with middle and high school students in Washington State.

What Schools Do We Work With?

Our partner schools this year include:

  • Campbell Farm
  • CATS Academy
  • PACE High School
  • White Swan High School
  • Brewster Middle School
  • Quileute Tribal School
  • Curlew

Our STEM ASB facilitators inspire the leadership, learning capacities, and interest in science among the youth of Washington State! We would love to have you join our team!

Group picture of the 2019 STEM ASB facilitators.

Why Should You Join STEM ASB?

We could give you a million reasons why you should join STEM ASB. But don’t take our word for it. Take it from past facilitators, student participants, and their parents …

“There was one girl who was very quiet. After the second day, the teacher heard from the girl’s parents that the student could not stop telling them about all the activities because she was so excited about them!”

– UW ASB Mentor

“You all need to become teachers so you can come back soon!”

– 8th-grade student

“I just want you all to know that you are remarkable. I watched how you were with our kids all day, and you were really skilled at it – I loved seeing them so engaged! I just want to say thank you for doing this with us.”

– Father of a CASE ASB student


Our curriculum for the 2021 STEM ASB winter quarter seminar was selected as a 2021 Prize Recipient for the UW Teaching & Learning Symposium. You can view a PDF version of the poster in Google Drive to enlarge the image.


The literature demonstrates that minoritized populations (women and BIPOC) remain underrepresented in STEM fields[1]. Culturally responsive STEM outreach conducted by undergraduate STEM students, whose identities mirror that of the target audience, is a strategy that may mitigate this issue. STEM Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a service-learning opportunity for UW students to develop a STEM curriculum during a winter quarter seminar, and subsequently teach that curriculum to students in rural or tribal communities in Washington state. Through the preparatory seminar, students learn about culturally relevant pedagogy[2], strength-based learning[3], funds of knowledge[4], and storywork[5]. These concepts are then applied by the UW students to co-create a culturally responsive STEM curriculum. The seminar emphasizes how our facilitators can build on what the middle and high school students already know in order to facilitate the development of a STEM identity/relationship with STEM.

Join CASE!

Are you interested in making a longer-term commitment?

Join our 2-quarter program where you can work closely with Yakama Nation 6th-graders, and teach them about math, physics, and engineering. Check out our program Culture & Science Exchange (CASE).

You can apply for CASE using the same application as above.

These projects are supported by NASA and Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at – riverways@uw.edu