Riverways Education Partnerships

Alternate Tutor Hours

Riverways Education Partnerships offers a few options for students whose regularly scheduled tutoring hours with their site have been derailed due to the Seattle Public School District’s school closures and/or required student assessments. We encourage tutors to try and make up hours another time first, to get as much experience in the classroom as possible, but we have created some options in the case that schedules are tight.

Tutor Training Week

Every quarter on weeks that Seattle Public Schools are not in session, Riverways offers tutors the opportunity to make up hours by attending workshops on topics in education hosted by UW community members. You can learn more about these workshops here.

Online Tutor Resource Modules 

Riverways has created a series of modules around topics in education for students to make up hours as a last resort. When taking these modules, tutors are expected to put in valuable thought to each response in order to get approved for alternate tutor hours. Each module counts for 2 hours, and we encourage students to only use these modules at the end of the quarter when they do not have the time to complete their hours another way.

If you have any questions regarding whether you’re eligible to take these modules for replacement hours, please email riverways@uw.edu

Tutor Module 1: What is Tutoring

Tutor Module 2: Effective Tutoring

Tutor Module 3: Tutor Techniques

Tutor Module 4: Learning Styles

Tutor Module 5: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Tutor Module 6: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Tutor Module 7: Zone of Proximal Development

Tutor Module 8: Standardized Tests

Tutor Module 9: International Education

Tutor Module 10: Gender in Education

Tutor Module 11: Funds of Knowledge

Tutor Module 12: Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies

Tutor Module 13: Environmental Education

Tutor Module 14: STEM Education as a Social Justice Issue