Riverways Education Partnerships

EDUC 401 C: Financial Literacy

  • Date: Mondays
  • Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: SAV 136
  • SLN: 14472
  • Facilitators: Helen A. Andrews (handrews@uw.edu); Jennifer D Graves (jdewhitt@uw.edu)

In this seminar we will explore personal finance education in K-12 schools, including the broader questions of how, when, why and even if personal finance should be taught.  We will examine new state standards for K-12 financial literacy education and discuss curriculum and pedagogy challenges that may be unique in a personal finance classroom.  A personal finance lesson will be built into each seminar session for seminar participants.   

For EDUC 401 seminars, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Seminars are Credit/No Credit, and are I&S credits. Credit and tutoring requirements are as follows:

  • 1-3 credits*: 20 hours of tutoring over the quarter
  • 4 credits: 40 hours of tutoring over the quarter
  • 5 credits: 60 hours of tutoring over the quarter
  • 6 credits**: 80 hours of tutoring over the quarter

A student may opt to register for 1 or 2 credits if it means avoiding an additional registration fee. ** If a student would like to register for more than 6 credits, they should email riverways@uw.edu with the request.

Current EDUC 401 Students: Need to change the number of credits for your seminar? Riverways staff can help you do this for free. Please email riverways@uw.edu before Friday of Week 7.