Riverways Education Partnerships


“Particularly, it highlighted the reciprocal nature of learning and growth gained when mixing two very different communities.”

Which community did you volunteer at, and what did you work on while you were there?

I went to Forks twice (once as a participant, next as a team lead) and worked with the Literacy ASB. We worked with 2nd grade students to help them plan, write, illustrate and finally create their own books, working on themes that focused on sense of place and the uniqueness tied where you live/grow up.

How has being a part of ASB impacted your goals and dreams for the future?

Participating in ASB reinforced my love of service and community work. Particularly, it highlighted the reciprocal nature of learning and growth gained when mixing two very different communities. To see how the environment of Forks so greatly influenced the personalities and interests of the children I was able to work with gave me a new lens to consider my life through. Additionally, it feels good to hear the young students speak so earnestly about their dreams and goals, and to be able to see their excitement when you offer your encouragement and support.

What is a favorite memory you have during your time with ASB?

There are too many fun times to select just one. My favorites have been goofing around with the students in order to get them more comfortable working with me for the week. I’ve been chased around the entire grounds of Forks Elementary School, have worn drawings of me as a cat/a minion/ a flamingo/etc., this most recent time I had quite long hair and so on Crazy-Hair day I went through about 7 different hairstyles throughout the day. It’s also been great bonding with my teams and our host-mama Sally Milici. We’ve gone on hikes to Second Beach and visited the Twilight museum (complete with photoshoots with the cast cut-outs), and of course always finding time to play music with Sally.

Interested in being a part of the 2021 Literacy Arts Alternative Spring Break? Applications due November 20!