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Additional Resources

UW Office of Student Financial Aid

The UW Office of Student Financial Aid works with all UW students regarding UW, state, and federal financial aid programs, including grants, loans, work-study, and need-based scholarships. To be considered for any of these programs, your completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or WASFA for those eligible, must be received at the federal processor by February 28 each year.

UW Career Center

Trying to pick a major? Looking for an internship or need help with your resume? Maybe you’re about to graduate and looking for that first job! Whether you know where you’re going or you’re not sure where to start, the Career Center can help!

Academic Departments

If you’ve declared your major, ask your Undergraduate Advisor whether your department offers scholarships for majors. Also check your department offices and bulletin boards: outside organizations often send scholarship announcements directly to relevant academic departments.

Academic Support Programs

Comprehensive and personalized academic supports. From drop-in, multidisciplinary tutoring at CLUE, to academic achievement courses and one-on-one tutor-mentor relationships for students struggling with the transition to the UW, their aim is to provide high-level academic support for the full range of UW undergraduates, from those who are academically disadvantaged to those who are advanced. Visit ASP.

Community Engagement & Leadership Education (CELE) Center

CELE programs are centered around the areas of community-engaged learning, democratic engagement, leadership education, preK-12 student success and place-based initiatives.

UW Study Abroad

The UW Study Abroad office provides information and advising related to studying abroad, and administers several study abroad scholarships for UW undergraduate students planning for foreign study. UWSA scholarships help students with significant financial need access international learning opportunities. Awards are determined in collaboration with the Office of Student Financial Aid and typically range between $2000-$5000.

UW Honors Program

The UW Honors Program collaborates with other programs and departments across campus to provide a comprehensive honors experience within all the disciplines. They assist and encourage students to find ways to enrich their education and create an experience that facilitates their long-term goals. Honors has a limited number of scholarships for incoming freshman and offers other unique scholarships like the Bonderman Honors Travel Fellowship, which offers Honors students an opportunity to engage in independent exploration and travel abroad.

Mary Gates Endowment for Students

The Mary Gates Endowment provides awards that support and enrich undergraduate students’ learning. UW undergraduate students who are currently enrolled full-time and who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply. Research training grants enable students to deepen their involvement in work with faculty on research, curricular design, the creative arts, and other forms of scholarly endeavor. Students contribute to a host of faculty projects in a wide range of disciplines. Leadership grants are designed to foster students’ growth as leaders. Leadership scholars deepen their commitment to community pursuing a challenge or project, often focused on public service in the community or on campus. Venture fellowships enable exceptional students to undertake imaginative and risky ventures of their own design.

McNair Scholars & Early Identification Programs

These programs encourage and assist UW undergraduates from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to enter graduate or professional school. They also have scholarship programs that assist students in their pursuit of research. Visit McNair and the Early Identification Program.

Student Activities Office

Looking to get involved with a student group on campus? The Student Activities Office (SAO) encourages participation in student activities as a way to grow, meet students, faculty and staff outside the classroom, share common interests, and have some fun.

Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research facilitates research experiences for undergraduates with UW faculty members across the disciplines. URP staff assist students in planning for an undergraduate research experience, identifying faculty mentors and projects, defining research goals, presenting and publishing research findings, obtaining academic credit, and seeking funding for their research.