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Scholarship advising

Scholarship advisers across UW

Please connect with the right advisers for you, based on your enrollment or UW affiliation.

UW Seattle undergraduate students and bachelor’s alumni:

UW Seattle graduate and professional students and alumni:

UW Tacoma students and alumni:

UW Bothell students and alumni:

OMSFA advisers can assist UW Seattle undergrads & bachelor’s alumni with:

    •   Goal setting & scholarship connections. Consider your interests, plans, opportunities for next steps, and scholarships that might fit for your goals.
    •   Brainstorming & feedback on essay drafts. From personal statements to project proposals, or any other materials an application might require, we’ll give you feedback on content ideas and how you’re sharing information with your selection committee readers.
    •   Building your curriculum vitae (CV). Turn your resume or list of activities into a CV that highlights your experiences and engagements as strongly as possible for your audience.
    •   Getting strong recommendation letters. Building connections takes effort and considering who to ask when can be intimidating. Brainstorm with us and be prepared to help your recommenders help you.

Before you schedule an appointment with OMSFA

Please be sure to read through this website and at least attempt some scholarship searching to identify specific scholarships you would like to pursue. If you are just getting started, plan to attend one of our workshops before your first appointment.

What to expect

Appointment length & format

  • Advising appointments are usually 30-60 minutes long.
  • During your appointment, we will likely ask a lot of questions about your interests, activities, studies, goals, etc. But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have all the answers!
  • We may be able to suggest scholarships and programs for you to consider, but we won’t be able to give you a list. So, plan to set aside some time to search on your own.

For feedback on drafts

  • If you want feedback on drafts, please share those drafts with us the day before your meeting (if possible). Contact the adviser you’re meeting with: either Robin or Nancy. If you can’t send drafts in advance, that’s ok, you can have them ready to share in the meeting.
  • You don’t need to be at final polishing stages to seek feedback. We are happy to offer feedback all along the way, from early to later drafts. If you don’t have drafts yet, but want to brainstorm before writing, we also welcome that!
  • And don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you might have about scholarships, applications, letters of recommendation, etc.

More about our advising approach

  • We are here to support you and we view the scholarship application process as a learning opportunity.
  • OMSFA welcomes any current UW Seattle undergraduates and bachelor’s alums to make an appointment with us!
  • Our advisers mentor students through application processes by offering individual feedback, resources, and advising to support students in developing competitive applications for any scholarships they might be applying for, whether internal UW scholarships, local, national and/or international scholarships.

Book an appointment with OMSFA: