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There are many great scholarships out there, which makes searching for scholarships a challenging process that takes time. The lists we’ve collected here are intended to give you a helpful starting point, but you will find many more great options using additional search tools for a more extensive search. These are not exhaustive lists!

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Scholarship Guide for International Students:

Scholarship Guide for Undocumented Students:

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Service and Leadership

Study Abroad

Below are a few selected Examples of need-based study abroad scholarships:

Selected Examples of Merit-based Study Abroad Scholarships. A * indicates those that require UW nomination or pre-application:

International Gap Year & Post-Graduation

Opportunities for funded study, research, and other experiences abroad after graduation are more limited, but here is a selected list of a few of the programs available. This does not include the myriad of opportunities that fund graduate studies, but includes a few that can be used to fund graduate studies internationally. A * indicates those that require UW nomination or pre-application:

Career related

Additional Scholarship Information for:

International Students

While international students and their families do have to assume all financial responsibility for tuition and living expenses in the US, and not having US citizenship does limit the number of scholarships for which international students are eligible, there are scholarship opportunities international students can take advantage of. Eligibility requirements for scholarships vary, but many scholarships awarded by UW academic departments and programs are open to students regardless of US citizenship.

Use our scholarship search to get a more tailored list.

Additional scholarship search resources that may be helpful for international students:

Additional UW resources for international students:

Military Service Members, Veterans & Family Members

Military Service Members, Veterans and their family members can explore and receive scholarships to support their academic work, in addition to any GI benefits they may already be receiving. Scholarships specifically geared toward veterans and their families are often offered by government agencies, non-profit organizations within military communities, and others. Veterans’ experiences, leadership training, commitment, and academic interests often can make them very competitive for all types of merit-based scholarships, not just those specifically targeting veterans.

Use our scholarship search to get a more tailored list. Using the filter for “Veterans” will be helpful to target those scholarships specifically for military servicemembers, veterans and family members, including the Tillman Scholars Program.

Additional UW resources for military veterans:

Underrepresented Students

There are extensive scholarship programs that value and support students from underrepresented backgrounds, whether based on financial need, ethnicity, community, gender, and/or other identities. Please search our database, and see Other Search Tools for more extensive listings.

Short list of additional scholarship search resources:

  • UNCF – private scholarship provider to minority group members
  • APIASF – scholarship opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students
  • HSF – empowers Latino families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education
  • American Indian College Fund scholarship resources

Additional UW resources:

Undocumented Students

Scholarship opportunities are more limited for those who are not US citizens, but there are scholarships that are open to students regardless of US citizenship status, and a few that specifically support undocumented students.

Washington State Financial Aid for DREAMers: Apply through WASFA
Apply for financial aid by completing the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA):

At UW, the Office of Student Financial Aid manages all financial aid programs included under the WASFA. Additional information is available from the Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment office.

Search our database of scholarships for those open to undocumented students.

Additional scholarship search resources for undocumented students:

Additional UW resources for undocumented students: