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What is Global Fellowships Prep?

Online resources, tips, strategies, timelines, events, advisers.

  • A community of students exploring and crafting competitive applications for fellowships that support graduate school, research, creative work, community-based projects, and English teaching primarily abroad. We have also included some domestic opportunities for those wanting to stay in the US.
  • Consistent and proactive advising and support. Fellowship advisers at all 3 UW campuses focus our energies on supporting UW students and alumni in applying for these opportunities. Many of these fellowships have similar application processes and all of them have deadlines that fall between September-November 2020 to fund activities during the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Related workshops, information sessions, alumni panels, other events and extensive resources to learn about these opportunities, gain insights into the experiences they support, and build your candidacy.
  • Accountability. Get and stay organized within these application processes, to avoid getting overwhelmed or procrastinating. Develop benchmarks to get these applications done early in the fall and avoid the stresses of applying last-minute and facing too many deadlines all at once.

Making the most of these opportunities and how much you engage with program activities will be up to you. But the resources, supports, updates, and reminders will be there.

Who is it for?

All UW students and alumni are welcome.

  • UW undergraduates and bachelor’s alumni: juniors, seniors and alumni will find the most immediate relevance and broadest eligibility, but we will include opportunities for first and second year undergraduates as well, and it will be helpful to develop toward programs you may want to apply for later.
  • UW graduate & professional students and alumni of those programs.
  • Students at all 3 UW campuses are encouraged to participate!
  • If you are thinking about what you will be doing in 2021-22, whether you will have graduated by that point and are looking for “gap” year experiences, whether you’re looking to start grad school in fall 2021, or whether you’re already in grad school and are looking for opportunities to extend your work beyond UW, join us to explore those options and more.

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