VascuSight – 3D Ultrasound Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients

PI: Shahram Aarabi MD MPH

Start-Up Company Name: VascuSight

Lab/Project Website:

Work Location: Flexible

Work Hours: Flexible

Overall Program Goal: Ultrasound is widely employed as an imaging tool used across a spectrum of medical disciplines to define the size, shape and mass of tissues and organs inside the body.  It is safe and painless for patients.  We are developing a 3D ultrasound monitor and software that will allow for automated evaluation of a patient’s circulating blood volume.  This will allow for real-time evaluation to guide the treatment and resuscitation of critically ill patients – whether in the field, in the ER, in the ICU, or in the operating room.  VascuSight will measure central venous morphology and blood flow changes over time. The device will be portable, easy to use, non-invasive, and low-cost.

We currently have an early stage prototype device which we are testing in the laboratory.  We will be testing the device on a pig model and on healthy human volunteers in the next six months.  We are filing provisional IP through UW CoMotion. We are continuing to apply for grant funding for R&D.  We are in need of a business plan, market research, and reimbursement strategy.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities:  We are looking for an intern or fellow to help us identify the best near term and long term markets for this technology and to define an initial business plan outline.

Pre-requisites: Flexible although early stage start-up and/or medical device experience would be a plus.

Level of Independence: Open-ended project based on intern interests and our needs converging.  You will have guidance for technical and medical questions/issues but with regards to the business related issues we encourage independence from the intern.

Learning Opportunities: Learn about prioritizing for early stage medical start-ups as well as fundamentals of ultrasound based medical technology.